At R Inventive Building Design, our aim is to go beyond simply meeting the needs of our clientele by listening to specific requirements and applying these with expertise and creativity.


Whether you require single, residential, multi-unit, small commercial or retail plans; we strive to bring your vision to life.


Since the company’s commencement, we have achieved strong and lasting relationships with individual clients and builders.   We always endeavour to ensure that both the design and building process is a smooth and enjoyable one for our clients as we possess a deep-seated understanding of the constraints of budget, location and time.


We do not push a particular design of style.  Oppositely, we take the time to build a rapport with our clients, obtain an understanding of their lifestyle, study the limitations of the site and apply our experience, creativity and understanding of construction to ascertain the final design solution that is perfect for each client.  


We understand that this is a process that will have a huge impact on the lifestyle and future of the individual, business or family and thus an immense amount of heart goes into what we do.  We will be, as we always have been, grateful for your trust in us with your vision and we look forward to commencing the journey with you to make it a suitable, sustainable and safe reality. 



Robert Jukic-


Born in 1979.  Graduated in year 2000 from CIT in Advanced Diploma for Building Design. 



  • The 1998 prize for “Best student in penultimate year of study in Architectural technology of the Associate Diploma of Applied Science in Architectural Drafting.”

  • The 1999 prize for “most creative student in Architectural Technology of the Associate Diploma of Applied Science in Architectural Drafting”


Architectural experience gained in Canberra include the firms of “Architects Ring and Associates”  and “Dowse Norwood Architects & Associates.”


Hands on Building experience gained with “Jukic Homes” (family business), noting the construction of numerous homes.


With 15 years of substantial experience in previous Architectural firms and a lifetime experience within the building industry, design and creativity comes naturally to Robert.  His ‘hands-on’ experience and study has been engrained with not only a great passion for the industry, but the necessary knowledge and history necessary for success and originality in the field. 






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Ph: 02 61533575